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Defense Rifle

Basic - Defense Rifle

Duration: 6 hours



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This sequence of instruction is designed to administer a program that focuses on basic techniques coinciding with functional and operational skills necessary to employ the tactical rifle/carbine during a tactical operation.

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Topics Covered

Discuss Major groups of rifles 
Nomenclature- parts of the rifle 
Fundamentals or shooting rifles  
Assembly and how to disassembly rifle 
Explain Ammunition cartridge 

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Expectations and Outcomes

Will be able to demonstrate safety with Rifle
Handling a Rifle safety
Will be able to name parts of the rifle and explain the purpose 
Demonstrate how to shoot rifle with correct fundamentals 

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Advanced, Basic, Rifle

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Documentation Requirements

provide a Texas State DL# 
there will be an email once you register for the course with all the details emailed to you. 

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Rifle AR Style
5.56 caliber or 22 Caliber Topmann AR Rifle 
eye and ear protection
300 rounds of ammunition