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Texas License to Carry


Duration: 4-5 Hours Classroom 1 hour Range



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The Texas Concealed This course is not a “how-to-shoot” class. It is expected that the student has already achieved a minimum safe level of proficiency with their handgun, including loading, unloading, slide or cylinder manipulation, proper use of safety devices, and operational controls. During the proficiency test, students will be expected to be safe while handling their firearms which are part of the test. Students who cannot meet these standards will fail the proficiency test and will need to retest at a later date. Prospective students who have little handgun experience are encouraged to visit the range prior to class and take a 20 Minute Training Class or schedule an Introduction to Handguns 2-1/2 hour personal instruction class.

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Topics Covered

  • Concealed carry law  * where you can carry &where you can not
  • When you can use force or deadly force *Firearm safety
  • Legal implications of use of force or deadly force * Texas Weapon laws
  • Nonviolent dispute resolution

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Expectations and Outcomes

Once the student has successfully completed the course both written examination and the Texas DPS shooting qualification the student will receive a completion form at the end of class from Instructor to turn into the state to start the application process to receive their Texas LTC License

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Concealed Carry Training

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Documentation Requirements

Driver License 

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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Please bring eyes and ear protection. If this is your first time and not sure what to get just let me know. We can go over different types and so forth for you.  We can provide some for the training day for you to try. It is also recommended you have a baseball cap. You will need a Box of 50 quality of ammo and a pistol 22 caliber and nothing larger than 45 Caliber pistol.

The range fee is a separate fee depending on range location 
$10- 20