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How to Carry, Holsters & More

Conceal Carry

Duration: 2 hours classroom( no range )



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Getting your License to Carry permit is just the beginning. The next step is learning how to carry everyday doing everyday life. This class gives hands on experience from a ladies perspective on how to carry, what's out there, where to find quality items. This class is designed to help dress concealing your firearm and feeling confident and safe in doing so everyday in all seasons.  

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Topics Covered

We discuss a lot of how to- what-ifs scenarios 
how to best conceal carry for your body type 
what guns will work best for your lifestyle and activities 

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Expectations and Outcomes

This is an informative class 
no certificates are given for this class

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Seminars / Lectures

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This is hands-on class training using training guns to demonstrate different ways to conceal carry whether female or male students.