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Basic Pistol

Basic - A Great starting place to learn about Pistols

Duration: 4 hours classroom 1 hour Range



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 This course covers: 
Is all hands-on learning to help bring something new to you while learning to be Calm, Comfortable and Confident with a pistol.
We cover All gun safety, which eye to use, the fundamentals of shooting, All the little things you usually aren't taught in a beginner class that brings excitement and empowerment  

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Topics Covered

How a pistol works
reasons people own one
why have one 
how to see if a pistol fits your hand 
Fundamentals -how to use a gun 
Demonstrate how to clean and field strip a pistol 

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Expectations and Outcomes

Once you complete this course you will have a firm foundation about pistols, how they work, how to shoot one 
Leave with Confidence, A Calm Assurance when using your pistol 

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Documentation Requirements

Driver License 

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a firearm -pistol
200 rounds ammunition 
baseball cap 
eye and ear protection 
close toe shoes -no low cut shirts

The range fee is a seperate fee of $10-20 Depending on the range