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Defensive Pistol

Intermediate - improve your Gun handling skills -True confidence

Duration: 4 hour classroom - 4 hour range



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This is an 8 hour course, designed for the shooter, who wants to learn the proper methods of safety handling and shooting handguns. This class focus on the following: firearms safety, shooter responsibility, handgun manipulation and the basic marksmanship fundamentals.

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Topics Covered

Firearm Safety - Range Rules 

Review Fundamentals 
Drawing from holster engaging multiple targets  
Shot placement 
Cleaning pistols 

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Expectations and Outcomes

Learn to confidently draw your pistol open and from closed garments. Building on marksmanship skills  and understanding mindset how it all works together and there importance 

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Advanced, Intermediate

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Documentation Requirements

Driver License 

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Firearm at least 22 caliber up to a 45 caliber Pistol

Eye and Ear protection 

400 rounds ammunition 

Pistol holster and 2 mag. holders with a sturdy gun belt 

Baseball cap 

Range fee is Seperate fee $10-20 Depending on range 

close toe shoes