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Realistic Self Defense

Realistic firearm training

Duration: 3 hours range time

Fee: $75.00

Type(s): Basic, Intermediate, CCW

Instructor: Assault Counter tactics - Paul Pawela View Bio target icon


This class takes the CCW Permit Holder to the next level of firearm’s self-defense. The course emphasizes getting the firearm into a defensive engagement, preparing for lethal force options.  

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Documentation Requirements


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Medium to large frame gun (9mm, 40, 45), Kydex or leather holsters, extra magazine, magazine holder, a minumum of 150 rounds of ammo, hearing and eye protection.  No Small caliber guns, pocket guns or revolvers.

Equipment available for rental for $10.00

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Topics Covered

How to carry a weapon concealed
How to use your gun under stress
Shooting one handed, (dominate and nondomonitate)
Shooting on the move
Shooting while sitting, kneeling, prone and on your belly
Holding suspect at gun point
Tactical Scanning and quick target identification
Interaction with law enforcement, legal aftermath

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Expectations and Outcomes

Students will be able to draw their weapon from concealment safely and shoot the target using point index shooting. 

Upcoming Classes

There are no upcoming classes scheduled for this course.