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Vehicle Counter Car Jacking

Have a plan befor something happens.

Duration: 6 hours

Fee: $150.00

Type(s): Advanced, Basic, Intermediate, Rifle, Scenario Based Training

Instructor: Assault Counter tactics - Paul Pawela View Bio target icon


The number one place of a probable armed encounter for the CCW carrier is in or around the car.

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Documentation Requirements

Please wear comfortable clothing sneakers and a belt.  Bring water as some of the course will be outside.

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Part of this class will be on the range.  Please bring your handgun, holster, 200 rounds of handgun ammo and 100 rounds of 556.  There will be AR available to use.  Feel free to bring your own.

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Topics Covered

This course will cover the assault inside the car/outside the car. Shoot Don’t Shoot Scenarios while driving, coming to an ambush and how to avoid it and how to bail out of a car and use it for cover for the gunfight against one or multiple opponents!

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Expectations and Outcomes

By the end of the course, students will have a plan to be able to protect themselves if they are ever in an assault around their vehicle or carjacking situation.

Upcoming Classes

Saturday - 4/11/2020


American Police Hall of Fame and Museum Shooting Center

Titusville, FL

Instructor: Paul Pawela

Class Size: 6 - 24 Students

24 Spaces Left