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Advance Realistic Self Defense

Intermediate - Taking Realistic Self Defense to the next level

Duration: 3 hours



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This class is a high intense adrenaline shoot/don’t shoot course designed specifically for shooting under high duress.  Everything you did during the RSD class but now that you know the drills it will be faster and more intense with a few more drills.   

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Topics Covered

Topics Discussed: Wounded arm one hand racking and getting the gun into operation in a gunfight, Moving and shooting in between people and how to safely do it, shooting/no shooting while moving and holding on to a loved one while you’re doing it, low light/ no light shooting, different positions of shooting at different angles, all will be done with handgun and AR- Pistol

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Expectations and Outcomes

By the end of the course, the student will feel more comfortable carrying a gun

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Advanced, Intermediate, Rifle, Scenario Based Training

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Documentation Requirements

none needed

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You must have taken the Realistic Self Defense course previously or equivalent class.  

Equipment needed:  Handgun, holster, extra magazine, magazine holder, 150-200 hand gun ammo.  Wear sneakers and a belt.