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Intro to Precision Patrol Rifle for LE (CLEE)

Advanced - MPOETC CLEE# CLE01067 (8 credit hours)

Duration: 2 hours classroom, 6 hours Range



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Course provides police officers with instruction and practical application of techniques for precision use of a patrol rifle with a properly mounted and zeroed optic at distances up to 100 yards.
Students will participate in live-fire at distances up to 100 yards; firing approximately 150 rounds total for the course.
Course will finish with a Precision Rifle Qualification Course of Fire. Students who pass will receives patrol rifle scroll insignia.

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Topics Covered

- Fundamentals of accurate rifle shooting (breathing, cheek weld, body position, eye-relief, etc).
- Proper rifle zeroing.
- Patrol rifle, optics, and accessory considerations and selection.
- Caliber and ammunition consideration and selection.
- Law enforcement policy review and legal considerations.
- Conducting overwatch and providing tactical situation reporting.
- Site selection considerations.
- Proper use of cover vs. concealment.
- Unconventional shooting positions.
- Selection of shooting platform and Bipod usage.
- Target selection considerations.
- Shooting through barriers.
- Training plan and logbook considerations.
- Importance of Police Officer Physical Fitness

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Advanced, LEO / MIL / SEC Courses, Rifle

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Documentation Requirements

LE or Military ID

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150 rounds of ammunition
Patrol rifle w/ optic (variable power adjustable to at least 4x magnification)
3 magazines
Notebook & Pen
Eye and hearing protection
Bipod (optional, but recommended)
Backpack or range bag
Binoculars/Spotting Scope (Optional but recommended)