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Advanced Patrol Rifle Malfunctions (CLEE Approved)

Basic - Restricted to Law Enforcement and Military personnel

Duration: 7 hours range time



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This MPOETC CLEE approved course is designed to teach armed professionals how to clear basic and advanced AR15 platform malfunctions in the field, under stress.

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Topics Covered

Patrol Rifle fundamentals review
Emergency and tactical reloads/mag changes
Failure to fire/failure to feed malfunctions
Failure to extract/Double Feed malfunctions
Advanced malfunctions (Bolt override, etc)
Multiple drills and competitions to build proficiency in clearing each type of malfunction

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Expectations and Outcomes

Students will finish the course gaining 7 hours of CLEE credit and confidence in their abilities to clear malfunctions that they likely have not previously been trained to perform.

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Basic, Intermediate, Rifle

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1 AR15/M4 platform patrol rifle with sling
2 Magazines (minimum)
150 rounds of ammunition
Eye and hearing protection
Weather appropriate clothing