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Basic Mechanical Breaching for Law Enforcement

An introduction to forced entry/breaching for LE (CLEE credit pending)

Duration: 1 hour classroom, 4 hours practical time

Fee: $60.00

Type(s): LEO / MIL / SEC Courses

Instructor: Arena Training Group, LLC - Ronald Warren View Bio target icon


Course is designed to provide law enforcement officers with a basic understanding of techniques and tools necessary for basic mechanical door breaching.

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Documentation Requirements

LE or Military identification

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Eye and hearing protection.
Duty pistol with 2 mags and holster and/OR patrol rifle w/sling and 2 mags.
50 rounds of ammunition for whichever firearm you bring
Breaching gear (optional)

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Topics Covered

- Equipment considerations and nomenclature
- Safety and tactical considerations
- Basic door construction and "anatomy"
- Effective use of breaching rams and hammers
- Effective use of pry-bars and Halligan Tools
- Effective use of hand-held pneumatic spacers
- Effective use of bolt cutters
- Techniques for defeating chains and padlocks

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Expectations and Outcomes

Upon completion, students will have a basic understanding of breaching and will be capable of basic breaching activities.

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