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Utah Multi-State CCW Non-Resident Permit Course

Basic - These Multi-State CCW Non-Resident Permits are great for personal/business travel and vacationers

Duration: 5 hours



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These UT,AZ,FL Multi-State CCW Non-Resident Permits are valid in many states. You must choose which CCW Permit you want at the beginning of the class. Each CCW permit is separate and costs the same amount $59.00 Permit fees are collected at the beginning of the class for additional permits.

If you travel, these CCW Permits are a must have and combined are the closest you can get to a “National” CCW permit. These CCW Permits are honored in over 33 plus states. Over 1,452,000 responsible firearms owners combined have These Multi-State CCW Permits, which are valid for 5 & 7 years respectfully and are some of the most respected CCW permits in the United States.
(These CCW Non-Resident Permits are not valid in California).

This course provides you with the applications and certifications needed and a copy of the needed class curriculum. The course also covers the use of force, State requirements, basic firearms knowledge, and what to do before, during, and after a personal defense incident, needed criminal and civil legal information about the use, carry and ownership of a firearm. While this is a non-shooting course, it will provide the information and requirements needed to acquire your UT, AZ, FL permits.
These Multi-State CCW Permits are great for personal / business travel and vacationers traveling outside of California.

The $59.99 fee is for each permit in class. Fees for fingerprinting, passport photos, and UT, AZ, FL  State fees still apply.

" NO FIREARMS or AMMUNITION " is allowed in class. You MUST BE 21 years or older to take this course.

Please bring pen and notepad for class notes and important information.

"Registration is required to attend classes"

“Don’t miss out on this valuable training”

* These Multi-State CCW Non-Resident Permits have an additional fees, information will be provided at registration or contact instructor.

Note: The Arizona DPS CCW Permit Unit will not accept any clearance cards. And new fingerprint cards are required to be submitted with all UT, AZ and FL CCW permit applications.

No refunds policy for this course. In the event you are unable to attend, contact Instructor to be scheduled for the next available class in your area.

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Topics Covered

These Multi-State CCW Non-Resident Permits Requirements

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Expectations and Outcomes

Upon completion of the 5 hour course each student will recieve:
An instructor stamped cerficiation with instructor signature 
A copy of Utah CCW curriculmn requirements
Certificates in class and/or mailed to each students as needed

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Basic, CCW, In Home Defense Training, Other, Scenario Based Training, Seminars / Lectures, USCCA Courses

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"NO FIREARMS or AMMUNITION" is needed or allowed in class."

Please bring pen and notepad for class notes and important info.

Come and enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert during class.
(Food & drink costs not included in class fees and are the responsibility of the student)

"Registration is required to attend classes"

“Don’t miss out on this valuable training”