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Everyday Carry Handgun Skills L1 (Intermediate)

Intermediate - ++ If you intend to defend your home or carry a gun for self-defense, this course will teach you HOW to do it ++

Duration: 2.5 hours classroom, 2-3 hours range time



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This course is the foundation of armed self-defense training. Students will work hands-on doing dry-fire drills in the classroom followed by live-fire drills at the range. From stance to grip to physical shooting technique, the class will help students to get their minds and bodies to work with their guns instead of against them during high stress situations. Whether students are looking to train on the specifics of getting defensive-accurate hits or building muscle memory skills for rapid acquisition and engagement of targets in a real-world scenario, this course will set the groundwork for them to become well-trained gun owners.

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Topics Covered

Self-defense firearm fundamentals
Laws and Safety
Situational awareness (knowing your options)
Dry-fire drills (you will be able to continue training on your own)
Live-fire drills (developing muscle memory)
Intermediate to Advanced training concepts

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Expectations and Outcomes

Whether you intend to carry every day or want to defend your home, you will learn practical, hands-on skills and drills that you can take with you to practice and perfect. You will learn how to be aware of your situation and how to respond effectively to a lethal threat.

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Advanced, Intermediate, Concealed Carry Training, Constitutional / Permitless Carry, Prepping and Survival Skills, USCCA Courses

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Documentation Requirements

Student is required to show a valid picture ID prior to the start of class.

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Students are required to bring their own handgun and ammunition to participate. Student must be able to legally possess a firearm and be capable of doing intermediate to advanced training drills. The class incorporates both dry-fire and live-fire exercises. (50 rounds minimum recommended)