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Florida Essential Concealed License

Best Bang for Your Buck in North Florida

Duration: 80 min online classroom, 15 minutes range



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Here is the link to the online CCW Class page.

There is a quiz to complete that can be done during or after the videos. It will open in another tab, so just leave that tab open to save your progress. 
The only other thing I’ll need is the front of your Driver’s License to make your certificate. You can send that here as a text to 904-330-4345 or email it to

If you would like more personal instruction, ASK ABOUT PRIVATE INSTRUCTION.

As a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, Bold Carry provides this class as the most cost effective and direct route to satisfying the training necessary to apply for your Florida Concealed Weapons License. The class consists of 80 min of online classroom instruction in Safe Firearm Handling, familiarization with Florida Statutes, and Basic Pistol Operation and 15 minutes of range time. The range portion of the class consists of using a pistol to fire 10 rounds on a paper target at 3 yards. The Pass or Fail for this class is determined strictly on your Safe Handling of the pistol and NOT your shooting skill. Firing rounds at the paper target is designed to allow you to assess your skill and determine if you should seek additional training. You may bring your own pistol and ammo (must comply with On Target Sports rules), rent a pistol from On Target Sports and use their ammo at an additional cost, or use a pistol and ammo provided by the instructor at no additional cost (a $15 value).

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Topics Covered

Basic Firearm Safety; Basic Pistol Operation; Florida Statutes pertaining to Concealed Carry, Justifiable Use of Force, etc.

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Expectations and Outcomes

By the end of the class, you will know the 3 Basic Rules of Firearm Safety, understand how to Load, Unload, Shoot a semi-auto pistol, Clear a Misfire, and have a familiarity with the Florida Statutes taught in the class.

You will receive a Certificate of your training upon completion. This Certificate qualifies as proof of training for your Florida CWL application.

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Documentation Requirements

Students must provide Driver's License or state issued I.D.

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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THIS IS IMPORTANT.  The requirements for obtaining your Florida CWL can be found here.

There is NO class requirement for equipment. A 22lr pistol is provided for the course with 10 rounds of ammo.  You are also more than welcome to bring your own firearm and ammo (as long as they meet On Target Sport's rules ) or rent a pistol from the range.