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Low Light Applications


Duration: One afternoon and evening



Erick Gelhaus

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This class grew from the instructional blocks in a Low Light Gunfighting series I have taught regionally over the last few years. Starting with safety, human factors, and manipulations, the material progresses to live fire with the class' weapon of choice - carbine, pistol, or shotgun - utilizing both hand-held and weapon-mounted lights. Non-live fire application is included within the confines of the facility. A judgmental shooting exercise concludes the class. 
Ammunition needs: handgun - 150 rounds, carbine - 200 rounds, shotgun 50 birdshot/10 00Buck/10 slug (add 25 rounds handgun for long gun versions).

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Topics Covered

Legal issues, human factors, weapon manipulation, handheld light usage, weapon mounted light usage, target identification and threat discrimination, addressing oppositional lighting.

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Expectations and Outcomes

The student will learn to employ their firearm in reduced lighting conditions in ways that are appropriate to their role (citizen, L/E, or Mil), within the limits of the system (firearm, light, optic) they are using. With the course's emphasis on target discrimination, threat identification, and shot placement, the student will be better prepared for the contemporary low-light environment.
Note: This is a white light-centric class; it does not address night vision.

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Intermediate, LEO / MIL / SEC Courses, Rifle, Shotgun

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Documentation Requirements

CCW/CHL/etc permit or Mil/sworn law enforcement ID

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Note-taking materials;
handheld and weapon-mounted lights, patrol rifle with sling, duty handgun with duty belt & pouches, three magazines for each firearm, eye & ear protection; knee pads;
clothing appropriate to the environment & weather;
water, dinner, & snacks;