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Defensive Pistol Skills


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Jeff Boren

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This course focuses solely on concealed carry and the necessary skills and fundamentals required to carry everyday successfully. This course is not for beginners who are new to shooting and anyone who registers should at the very least be familiar with the four universal safety rules and exhibit safe gun handling skills. There will be no exception to safety on the range and anyone violating the safety rules will be removed from the line. This class will be held on the shooting range where we will focus on learning and developing skills and will be conducted from concealment. Drills will include dry fire and live fire. We will conduct several live fire drills, including scored drills to assess the level we are shooting at and diagnosing areas in need of improvement. The day will culminate with a shooting qualification to put it all together and document the progress made in the course.

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Intermediate, CCW

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Documentation Requirements

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.