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Handgun Two

Basic - Learn to draw and shoot from holster and develop the skills to help you survive a lethal encounter

Duration: 8-10 hours total; some in classroom, some on range (including lunch break)



Bill Martin

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 Handgun 2 is designed to develop essential skills that will help you survive a lethal force encounter

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Topics Covered


  • Safe handling of firearms
  • Shooting fundamentals
  • The defensive mindset
  • Presentation from a concealed holster

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Expectations and Outcomes

 Students will be encouraged to improve their grasp of the handgun fundamentals and apply them to learning to draw from a holster.  This will help them become more confident in being a concealed carry citizen.

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Advanced, Basic, Intermediate

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Documentation Requirements

 Driver's License

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  • Handgun
  • Ear and Eye protection (electronic muffs preferred).
  • Quality Holster – Strong side or Appendix only- (No cross draw, shoulder rigs, pocket holsters, ankle, or small of the back carry). Blackhawk Serpa and similar holsters which require the use of the index finger to deactivate a retention device will not be used in This class. The ONLY exception is for Law Enforcement & Military who are issued these types of holsters for duty use. holsters that collapse when the gun is removed will not be allowed in this course.
  • No pocket guns such as Keltec PF9, Ruger LCP etc. You will be presenting the gun from concealment and re-holstering repeatedly. 
  • 100 rounds of Ammunition: we would typically use up to 250 rounds for this course, but due to the recent "ammo shortage", we will be utilizing Dry-practice techniques.
  • At least 1 extra functional magazines ( 2 minimum ) or speed-loaders
  • Magazine pouch or speed loader pouch.
  • Shoes – comfortable with sufficient support to permit a full range of motion. No sandals or flip-flops.
  • Long Pants, Shirt With High Collar
  • Sturdy Belt
  • Baseball Cap
  • closed front concealment garment
  • Open front concealment garment