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Defensive Carbine One


Duration: 8 hours, some classroom, some range time



Bill Martin

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The goal of the Second Amendment Foundation Training Division's “Defensive Carbine 1” course is to provide the student with a solid foundation in basic knowledge of carbine safety, various types of carbines, an understanding of ammunition and how it functions, shooting fundamentals and an introduction to defensive shooting skills.

A person new to the use of a firearm for personal defense typically has a broad range of questions and is faced with learning a number of skills that are critical in the use of a firearm – in this case a Carbine – to defend themselves, their family or someone in their charge. Defensive Carbine 1 is specifically designed to provide a person new to carbines the opportunity to gain that knowledge and learn those skills.

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Topics Covered

  •     Safe handling of your firearm.
  •     Safe Storage of your firearm and ammunition.
  •     Basic components of a Carbine
  •     Types and Operation of various Carbines.
  •     Working With A Natural Defensive Stance
  •     Integrating The Color Code Into Your Life
  •     Finding Your Balance of Speed and Precision
  •     Clearing Common Stoppages
  •     Progressive Shooting Drills
  •     Definition of Cover and Concealment
  •     Selecting a Carbine and Ammunition
  •     Cleaning and Maintain your Carbines

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Basic, Intermediate, Rifle

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Documentation Requirements

Student will be required to complete registration paperwork, confirming using their signature to attest that they are the following: 

1. A citizen of the United Stated of America.
2. Not currently under indictment for any criminal charges; and
3. Have not been convicted of a felony; and

4. Have never been convicted of any domestic violence offense in any jurisdiction 
        which involved the elements of (1) striking, kicking, shoving, or (2) purposely 
        or attempting to or knowingly or recklessly causing bodily injury, or (3)
        negligently causing bodily injury to another with a deadly weapon; and
5. Not subject to any court order issued pursuant to Domestic Violence; and
6. Not prohibited for any reason from possessing, handling and/or

       discharging firearms in the State of Ohio as per (ORC. 2923) or any Federal
7. Never been convicted of a crime in Ohio or a criminal offense in
      another jurisdiction where you could have been sentenced to more than six 
      months in jail that has not been expunged or sealed; and
8. Never had a firearms purchaser identification card, permit to purchase a
       handgun, permit to carry a handgun or any other firearms license or
       application refused or revoked in Ohio or any other state; and
9. Am presently, or have never ever been a member of any organization which advocates or
      approves the commission of acts of force and violence, either to overthrow the                        Government of the United States or of this State, or which seeks to deny others their              rights under the Constitution of either the United States or the State of Ohio.

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  •     A modern, serviceable, semi-auto carbine.
  •     Ear and Eye protection (electronic muffs preferred).
  •     Sturdy Shoes, Long Pants, Shirt With Higher Collar
  •     Ammunition:(300 rounds) Factory fresh ammo only. NO RELOADS or specialty          ammo.
  •     Extra magazine carrier 1-2
  •     Spare Magazines 2-3
  •     Comfortable clothing, knee-pads (optional but recommended).
  •     Hydration system or Bottled water.
  •     Baseball Cap