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Defensive Force-on-Force

This is a force-on-force concealed carry course.

Duration: 8 hours (classroom & range)

Fee: $225.00

Type(s): Advanced, Intermediate, CCW, In Home Defense Training, Other, Scenario Based Training, Scenario Based Training (Simunitions, Man Marking Cartridge), Tactical Casualty Care (TCCC / TECC)

Instructor: Defensive Marksmanship Instructor Group (DMIG) - Israel Matos View Bio target icon


This is a SIM/UTM course designed to help you become a better problem solver, in a high stress situation, against attackers in multiple scenarios, using your everyday carry or similar. Different gear is available for rent, if you would like to try what's available before purchasing.

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Documentation Requirements

The instructor requires a copy of your CCW permit once you register.

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Your everyday carry gear is needed. All other safety gear will be provided. If you would like to try out different everyday carry equipment, we have different kits available.

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Topics Covered

  • Situational awareness
  • Principals of conflict resolution and mitigation
  • Escalation and de-escalation of force
  • Mindset
  • How to handle the aftermath of a deadly force encounter


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Expectations and Outcomes

Upcoming Classes

Saturday - 3/7/2020

9am to 5pm

Nail Ranch

Fellsmere, FL

Instructor: Israel Matos

Class Size: 4 - 20 Students

20 Spaces Left