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2 day CQB Course

Basic - This course is designed to teach a student how to handle nearby threats using their bodies and edged, blunt, improvised weapons, as well as defensive firearms.

Duration: 2 days



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Close-Quarters Combat will show how to deal with threats in close proximity, in and around structures, while utilizing edged, blunt, and improvised weapons, the body, and defensive firearms. This course also covers how to clear structures using tactically sound methods.

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Topics Covered

  • mental readiness/mindset
  • real world safety
  • blunt, edged and improvised weapons
  • pistol close-range engagement
  • long gun close-range engagement
  • weapons postures and retention
  • principals of close-range engagement
  • initiative-based tactics
  • 1-person clearing techniques
  • 2-person clearing techniques
  • hallway/room clearing techniques

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Advanced, Basic, Intermediate, CCW, In Home Defense Training, Other, Rifle, Scenario Based Training

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Documentation Requirements

The instructor requires a copy of your driver's license once you register.

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  • serviceable pistol (at least 9mm)
  • minimum 3 pistol magazines
  • quality holster that stays open after drawing
  • serviceable carbine with sling (5.56, 300BK, 7.62X39, pistol-caliber carbine, etc.)
  • minimum 3 carbine magazines
  • 350 rounds pistol ammo
  • 450 rounds carbine ammo
  • wrap-around eye protection
  • hearing protection
  • ability to carry at least 2 magazines, on your body, for both weapon systems

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