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Rogers Range TN Reactive Steel Course

Advanced - Reactive Steel course

Duration: 4 days



R. E. Dodd

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This is the five-day course taught at the Elite Rogers Shooting School, minus a night fire. We will start with a video lecture from Bill Rogers himself and administrative details.   The class will run until approximately 4:30 each day, with a 30-minute lunch break.
You will see a demonstration of how the times for the course were/are created.
Each day we will shoot the Rogers Test, a test that has been in place at Rogers Shooting School for over 30 years.  And only four (4) individuals have cleaned the 126 point test.
Upon payment, you will receive a copy of Bil Rogers's book.
This is not a beginner's course!  But it will take you in a realm of shooting you never thought possible.

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Topics Covered

This class covers everything concerning Reactive Shooting.  We will shoot the Rogers test each day, and twice on TH.

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Expectations and Outcomes

The student will be able to engage 8-inch steel targets at 8 yards in as little as  .5 second.
The student will be pushed to their maximum capability, and learn how to have a higher ability upon completion.

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Documentation Requirements

None other than DL.

The instructor requires a copy of your driver's license once you register.

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This class will encompass all aspects of Reactive Shooting versus Precision Shooting. It will be very intense, and with only two shooting relays it moves very quickly, so cooperation is essential as well as safety!
#2,000 rounds of ammunition

If you have electronic hearing protection and want to use it, please bring it with you. If you do not own a set, we have electronics that we will provide you.

<We will provide a pair of shooting glasses for eye protection if you do not have any.
You u will need a serviceable weapon 9mm or larger, at least 3 high cap magazines, magazine pouches, and holster. If you are shooting a 1911 style weapon, we would recommend that you obtain some of the 10 round magazines, and have at least four (4) total magazines.

]>You will be responsible for bringing 2,000 rounds of ammo which are required for the course. We do NOT provide ammo for this course.  However, we have a limited amount of 9mm ammo for sale at S225.00 per thousand.  In addition, 45ACP and 40CAL can be priced if needed. Should you want to purchase ammo from us, you will need to pre-order in advance ASAP.  

<!No cross draw, shoulder rigs, Serpas or small of the back holster will be allowed for obvious safety reasons.

>We have rental guns available for $50.00, which includes necessary equipment, and again this needs to be requested ahead of time.

Please let us know if you need lodging recommendations.  We would encourage having breakfast prior to arrival to have fueled your body.