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Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting

Basic - Creating the foundation for proper and accurate pistol shooting

Duration: 1 Day



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This class will teach students the fundamentals of shooting a pistol, which includes:
Sight Picture/Sight Alignment 
Breath Control
Trigger Control 
Follow Through 

Students will also learn how to properly handle and maintain their pistol, which includes:
Cleaning and Lubing
Function Check

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Topics Covered

See class description for the topics that will be covered

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Expectations and Outcomes

Students will gain the base they need for good pistol shooting. They will gain the confidence to handle and shoot a pistol correctly and accurately, along with the knowledge to clean and maintain their pistol.

Students will also get their Concealed Carry Certificate with this class.

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Basic, CCW

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Documentation Requirements

Students will need to bring their Driver's License/State Identification Card 

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Students must bring the following:
Firearm if they have one (rentals available)
200 rounds of ammunition 
Ear Protection (rentals available)
Eye Protection (rentals available)
Closed Toe shoes/boots
Water and Snacks for the day
Students are required to bring their own lunch

RANGE FEE NOT INCLUDED, and will be collected before start of the class.