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Dim Light Shooting Class

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Duration: 2.5 hours



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The potential for violent encounters to occur at night or in dim lighting conditions is high. You need to know how to utilize your firearm in conjunction with a flashlight or weapon mounted light to engage potential threats. When used in conjunction with night-sights students who already have proper sight-alignment will be able to see the difference prior to illuminating the target. Students will learn how to shoot while holding a flashlight or utilizing a weapon mounted light to identify threats and non threats in a dim light environment. Students will also learn to manipulate their firearm through reloads and clearing malfunctions. The class will be conducted on our indoor range with the lights off. As a student you will gain the necessary skills to confidently use your firearm in a darkened setting. This course is for an experienced shooter that already has advanced firearms handling skills.
** Weapon mounted lights and handheld tactical lights will be available for sale at the range.**

Taught by Jesse Moyer, John Mowery and Paul Jendrzejewski

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Topics Covered

This 2-1/2 hour class will cover various defensive scenarios a student could face in the classroom describing how and when to proceed with various tactics before utilizing the range for the later portion of training.

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Expectations and Outcomes

Students can expect to come away from this class feeling more comfortable with defensive scenarios in the home and their other surroundings where lighting may be seen as a contradictory aspect. Students will also learn the various types of weapon lights and understand which light and or defensive shooting techniques suit them best.

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Intermediate, In Home Defense Training, Scenario Based Training, Seminars / Lectures, Specialty Other

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Documentation Requirements

Bring your drivers license.
Complete Double Tap's Range waiver before coming to the class.
The waiver can be found on our page or Facebook under the "sign up" button.

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

The instructor requires a copy of your Concealed Carry Weapons permit once you register.

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  • Weapon mounted light (WML) is strongly encouraged
  • Persons 18 years and older; 14-17 year olds with parental enrollment.
  • Persons ineligible to possess or use a firearm, and felons, are prohibited from this class.
  • Completetion of Double Tap Range and Training liabilty waiver.
  • Client must bring a modern working firearm (semi-auto preferred), 50 rounds of factory new ammunition. If you do not have your own firearm, you may rent from Double Taps' rental firearms. Please call (814)515-1122 or email
  • Eye and ear protection is also required.
  • Please wear range-appropriate clothing/footwear. .