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Armed Response to Active Shooter: Level 3

Advanced - Great for church security teams or the individual who wants to learn the skills.

Duration: 1 day (8 hours) of classroom & range



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This course continues where Level 2 ends and is a more advanced course.  You will review skills from the previous training but perform them as a team and add many additional skills such as working with the tactical rifle. 

Students will be expected to have excellent communication skills, understand different types of active shooters and their tactics, identify potential explosives, have advanced medical skills, door breaching, outdoor tactics, ambush, and more.

This course will be done with Force-on-Force utilizing Simunitions marking cartridges.  This is an extremely real form of training which highly induces stress!

Not only will you will learn skills that will make you a valuable member of any Active Shooter response team, but you will have the skills to put together a well trained team.

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Topics Covered

  • Team Tactics
  • Team Formations
  • Team Movement
  • Team Communications
  • Linking Up
  • Outdoor Movements
    • Bounding Overwatch
    • Wedge Formation
    • Ambush
  • Stacking Up for Entry
  • Mechanical Door Breaching
  • Threats
    • Chemical Agents
    • Biological Agents
    • Explosives
    • Terrorist Attacks
    • Multiple Attackers
  • Safety Briefing
  • Advanced FTX with FoF

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Expectations and Outcomes

Students will learn and reinforce skills through hands-on scenarios and skill development training exercises.  All graduates will receive a certificate of completion.

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Advanced, Active Shooter Response Training, Rifle, Scenario Based Training, Scenario Based Training (Simunitions, Man Marking Cartridge)

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Documentation Requirements

None required.

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  • Must have completed Level 1 training
  • Training weapons and supplies will be provided

Do not bring a weapon to the class!