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Joe Salerno

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The SABRE Personal Safety Academy is a vital part of our ongoing effort to teach people how to use their products effectively in a dangerous situation. Our personal safety classes demonstrate how to avoid threatening situations altogether as well as how to protect yourself if a confrontation occurs.

A SABRE Personal Safety Class - What Will You Learn?

The Civilian Safety Awareness Program focuses on recognizing potential threats as well as taking smart precautions and developing habits that enhance personal safety. The course curriculum includes how to discourage threats, ways to identify dangerous situations, how to protect yourself at a safe distance, how to use their products safely and effectively and personal safety skills.

Why Is Personal Safety Training Important?

Learning how to protect yourself effectively is vitally important in today's world. Consider that you're:

  • 52x more likely to experience violence than serious injury in a car accident
  • 229x more likely to be violently assaulted than have your house catch fire
  • Nearly 1,000x more likely to be killed or maimed in an attack than to die in a plane crash
***NOTE: The above stats come directly from Sabre and are not confirmed by Dynamic Tactics or by any instructor of Dynamic Tactics

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Topics Covered

Be Smart - Be Ready - Be Safe. SABRE's Civilian Safety Awareness Program one-day class can help you learn how identify threatening behaviors and be better prepared to escape dangerous situations safely. 

Students will be educated on the following:

  • How to discourage dangerous threats
  • Ways to identify and avoid potentially dangerous situations
  • Protection at a safe distance
  • How to use our products effectively and responsibly 
  • Personal safety skills for smart living 

Anyone can benefit from taking this class - whether you're a runner, commuter, student, someone who travels for work, retiree, homemaker - this class is for you! 

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Expectations and Outcomes

To take the responsibility for their personal security into their own hands, for greater self-sufficiency, confidence and peace of mind.

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Combatives / Less Lethal, Other, Women's Only Courses

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The willingness to learn how to protect yourself!