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Home Defense Safety

Learn how to navigate around your home safely with a firearm

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Joe Salerno

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     Its early in the AM, your awaken by the home alarm going off. You hear
glass breaking - What do you do next?

Your asleep and all of a sudden you wake up coughing, there is a haze in the bedroom, you go to leave but the door is hot - What do you do next?

Your outside mowing, your neighbor is on a ladder cleaning the windows, the ladder falls and your neighbor falls about 15 feet. You run over to assist, they are bleeding and limbs look off - What do you do next?

What are your replies to these issues?  What is your opinion on what to do next?

You call 911 for help, it takes about 15 minutes for help to arrive.  Think aboput it - 15 minutes for help to arrive!  Think about what happens in 15 minutes.....

 - A gun fight starts & ends in seconds
 - A residental fire can double in size in less than 15 seconds
 - An adult can die of blood loss in 30 to 40 seconds

Learn what you can do to cut these times and incidents in half.  Learn how to better protect yourself & your loved ones.

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Topics Covered

The topics in the course vary and jump all around from safety issues to self defense, to first aid.  

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In Home Defense Training, NRA Courses, Scenario Based Training, Seminars / Lectures, USCCA Courses

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Documentation Requirements

Valid State issued photo ID

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The willingness to be safe!