Arizona Concealed Weapon Course

Basic - Get a license that allows you to carry in even more state

Duration: 2 Hours



Mark Villafane

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Now you may ask “Why do I need a Arizona Carry Permit when I already have a Florida Concealed Weapon or I never plan on actually going to Arizona”?

Even if you don’t plan on ever visiting Arizona it is it is a great Carry Permit to have in your possession. It allows you to carry in a few states then just having a Florida CCW.

Having a Arizona Carry Permit also gives you a back up license if you go to a state if at one point a certain state stops honoring the Florida CCW.

The Arizona Carry Permit also gives you another form of legal ID if you ever were to need it.

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Do I need to be a resident or go to Arizona to take the firearm safety course?
No, you can be a resident of any state and take the course here at Guns ‘N Ammo Academy.

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