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Gunshot Wound Training

Stop the bleeding in order to save life

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kyle gonzales

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Topics Covered

how to stop major bleeding by correctly applying various gauzes and pressure 
   bandages while taking advantage of the bodies pressure points
- how to establish and or maintain an airway
- how to correctly survey the victim from ‘head to toe’ for further injuries
- how to prepare for transport and give essential information to advanced medical support

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Virtual Simulation

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Documentation Requirements

Required documents, the individual must have on them the day of the course.

State Drivers License, Government Issued Military ID, Passport, State issue concealed carry license

The instructor requires a copy of your driver's license once you register.

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 Our First Aid for Gunshot class involves two parts:
1. Online video instruction.
2. Hands-on training session.

The online video instruction is taught by a licensed paramedic and former Army Special Forces Medical Sergeant (Green Beret). Once enrolled, students will be able to log-in and access these online training videos at their leisure. The hands-on training session will be conducted by certified instructors in a classroom environment and will focus on interactive and scenario based instruction involving the procedures and applications of the medical training the students learned in the online videos. 


The hands-on skills training portion of our course is very popular because not only is the training very realistic, it is engaging for the students. This is what makes our Gunshot First Aid training format different from any other. The students are able to have an interactive experience with the equipment they learn about and are able to practice using this equipment in a realistic environment. 


Altogether, the online video training lasts approximately one hour (and can be viewed by the student at their leisure).
The classroom based, hands-on skills training session should take approximately three hours.