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2 day New Mexico CCW training ( New CCW)

Intermediate - This is the two day 15 hour training course required by the state of New Mexico to accompany your CCW application.

Duration: 15 hours



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This course will be conducted under COVID-19 Restrictions.
Mask is required at all times!
Students must maintain social distancing while in class.
This is a two-day, 15-hour course that meets the training requirements for the State of New Mexico's concealed carry application process.
The students are required to successfully complete the entire course to receive their certificates.

This course is both Classroom and Range

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Topics Covered

(1) knowledge of and safe handling of single- and double-action revolvers and
semiautomatic handguns;
(2) safe storage of handguns and child safety;
(3) safe handgun shooting fundamentals;
(4) live shooting of a handgun on a firing range;
(5) identification of ways to develop and maintain handgun shooting skills;
(6) federal, state and local criminal and civil laws pertaining to the purchase,
ownership, transportation, use and possession of handguns;
(7) techniques for avoiding a criminal attack and how to control a violent confrontation;
(8) techniques for nonviolent dispute resolution

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Expectations and Outcomes

The student will follow all safety rules and act in a respectful manner at all times while in class and on the range. The student must demonstrate the ability to safely load, unload, and handle the firearm.

The student must demonstrate proficiency by achieving a score of no less than 72% on the live-fire qualification.

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Intermediate, CCW

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Documentation Requirements

State issued ID

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  • $4.00 range fee to be paid to range operator.
  • A minimum of 50 rounds of Factory ammunition for the weapon/s you will be used to qualify. (2 types of weapon would require 50 rounds each.) 
  • Eye and hearing protection.
  • A belt and holster with at least two extra magazine pouches. 
  • Firearm (handgun) suitable for self-defense. (.32 caliber or larger)
  • At least three magazines for a semi-auto pistol and speed loaders or another method to reload revolvers.