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Two Day Active shooter

This will be a two day high intensity course designed to teach you how to respond should you ever find yourself in an active shooter situation.

Duration: Two Days (each day will have 2 hours of class room time)

Fee: $550.00

Type(s): Advanced, Intermediate, Active Shooter Response Training, Scenario Based Training

Instructor: Battleline Tactical - Kris "Tanto" Paronto View Bio target icon


This course will teach students the criteria for use of deadly force, how to move through buildings using cover and concealment, break down the Run, Hide and Fight process. How to engage threats with different weapons including hand to hand. Basic first aid will be taught and students will learn how to apply several different tourniquets. 

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Documentation Requirements

Valid State or Federal ID card
Battleline Tactical Waiver
Host Range waiver

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Holster With retention
Mag pouch or the ability to carry two extra magazines
600 rounds of quality pistol ammo/NO RELOADS!!
Hearing and Eye protection
Pen and paper for taking notes
Must be an American citizen
Sun Screen

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Topics Covered

Fundamentals of Marksmanship
JUstifiable use of deadly force
Barrier Shooting/Pistol
Enter and clear a room
Use of cover and concealment
Weapons retention
In fight weapon access
Pistol carry positions
Situational Awareness 
Use of Tourniquets and other basic first aid

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Expectations and Outcomes

By the end of this course students will have a much better understanding of how to avoid a active shooter and also respond if they find themselves in an active shooter situation. Students will have a good undrstanding of how to move through a building using cover and concelment. Students will have a good base of knowledge for using hand to hand fighting to defend themselves. 

Upcoming Classes

There are no upcoming classes scheduled for this course.