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10th Annual Paul Martin Preparedness Conference

Preparedness training for basic and advanced students

Duration: 9 hours



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This year's presentation will be heavy on live demonstrations of skills and equipment prepared citizens need to manage the current and future risks ahead of us.  This is suitable for both beginning and advanced prepared citizens.  

Our goal is to give you actionable guidance enabling you to take immediate action to improve your readiness.  Because of that:

  • These presentations will not be recorded.
  • There will be no virtual option. 

Unlike previous conferences, we will be doing extensive demonstrations under simulated grid down conditions so you can see the equipment and processes in real time.

Attendees will also receive a one hour phone consultation after the event to discuss their particular preparedness situation.

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Topics Covered

Unlike previous conferences, we will be doing extensive demonstrations under simulated grid down conditions so you can see the equipment and processes in real time. It's imperative for prepared citizens to become very proficient at basic preparedness skills. And at this conference, you will see various preparedness products at work. Some of the topics we'll cover and demonstrate this year include:


  • Water in a Post-Berkey World. Given developments in water purification, we will demonstrate various emergency water collection, purification and distribution options in simulated grid down conditions.

  • More Options in Off Grid Food Choices and Preparations. We will examine ways to incorporate more traditional (non-prepper) foods and how to prepare them in grid down conditions.

  • POWER POWER POWER! New developments in power stations, DC only systems, inverters and generators create more options for prepared citizens. When paired together with basic accessories, you can create a very effective alternative energy system with some simple planning and understanding of the capabilities and limitations of your equipment. We’ll be demonstrating these under simulated grid down conditions.

  • Selecting A Self Defense Liability Product For Your Situation. Firearms and criminal defense attorneys report one of the most common questions they get from citizens is which self defense liability program is the best option. We will explore this topic in detail and provide you with recommendations based on your situation.

  • Re-thinking Bugging Out and Getting Home. Recent industrial fires and train derailments have many asking how to create a rapid evacuation plan. And recent problems in the air travel system, along with a growing risk of cyberattacks, have caused frequent travelers to re-evaluate their plans to get home in the event of a crisis. We will review many best practices to enable you to do both with less stress and more success.

  • Planning For The Risk of Global and Domestic Conflict. From talk of World War III to another civil war, we are bombarded with articles predicting intense conflicts which could affect our communities. We’ll discuss steps citizens should be taking to hedge against these risks.

  • You choose: Defensive Pistol Refresher or Stop the Bleed certification. Karl Rehn will be providing a two hour block of defensive pistol skills training, and I will be providing the Stop the Bleed certification course at the same time. You get to choose which one you wish to do.

  • Refining Your “Be Your Own First Responder” Skills. As cities and counties refuse or are unable to properly fund emergency services, prepared citizens should be ready to be their own first responders. We’ll examine what that means, provide some standards you should strive to attain, and how you can improve your overall first responder abilities.

Will there be a virtual option or recording?
No. These presentations do not live stream or record easily. Significant effort will be made to set up and demonstrate equipment. The best way to learn what we're showing is to be there in person. We announced via "save the date" in February and are again asking people to register and get this on their calendars more than 90 days in advance. Please make the effort to join us.
What about service after the sale?
Each attendee will be able to receive a one hour phone consultation with me after the conference to address their specific needs and questions. Come to the conference, use the handouts and presentations to formulate your next steps, and then let's talk about how to tweak your plans to get the most out of them.
Who should attend?
  • Anyone interested in rapidly improving their preparedness to deal with a growing threat environment due to increasing cyber attacks, grid fatigue, fewer first responders, domestic and international security concerns and economic/financial system issues should strongly consider attending this event.
  • In addition, citizens active in their communities, houses of worship and volunteer organizations who may be tasked with helping others during times of crisis will learn a great deal from the handouts and demonstrations which they can put to use right away.
  • Citizens in the firearms community would benefit from many of these presentations, including the pistol refresher, Stop the Bleed, and self defense liability insurance product presentations.

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Expectations and Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course, students will have a better understanding of the options and methods to generate power, purify water, prepare food, and conduct daily living activities in grid down conditions.

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Seminars / Lectures, Specialty Other, Stop the Bleed

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Documentation Requirements

Prior to class, students will receive an email with guidance on what to bring (notepad, lunch/drinks/snacks, firearm and ammo for those participating in live fire, sunscreen, etc.)

This will primarily be a lecture/seminar format, but will involve time both in the classroom as well as outside, with hands-on opportunites in water purification, electricity generation and off grid food preparation.

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A detailed email to students who choose to participate in the live fire portion will be sent prior to the course regarding handgun, ammo requirements, etc.  Those who opt to participate in the Stop the Bleed course will not need to bring additional equipment.

Note well: the live fire portion and the Stop the Bleed course will be offered simultaneously.  Students will select which training opportunity they wish to participate in.