Basic Life Support for the tactical Operator

Basic - "Combine good medicine with good tactics"

Duration: 16 hr total, 2 hr lecture time, 14 hours of range/ field instruction



Bobby Miller

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This course is intended for the tactical medic operator, the law enforcement officer or Emergency Medical Personnel in support of tactical operations

oThis is a basic life support class and the techniques and methods in this course are taught to the basic life support level


oThis course is designed for those operators or teams that work far from ALS(ADVANCED LIFE SUPPORT), or does not have ALS available to them, and is intended to give the skills needed to treat the injured in those critical moments after a incident


This course is focuses on preventable deaths in the field and the guidelines set forth by T.C.C.C. (TACTICAL COMBAT CASUALITY CARE

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Topics Covered

ØStandard of Care
ØThree phases of Care
ØStandard  plan for care under fire
ØStandard plan for Tactical Field Care
ØStandard plan for Evacuation Care
Weapons system management in a tactical medical setting
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Expectations and Outcomes

Display practical skills in the following:
CAT tourniquet application under 20 sec.
Proper wound packing/ pressure bandage application 
Proper NPA airway application
Proper Chest seal application 
Proper SKED applcation 
 Field patient assessment 
LZ Set up and patient transfer to the next level of care
Demostate weapons/ patient management skills

Certificate will be granted upon completion of skills

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Basic, Active Shooter Response Training, Scenario Based Training, Tactical Casualty Care (TCCC / TECC)

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Documentation Requirements

valid driver's lic
national registry card (if student is emr,emt, paramedic)
CLEET card (if student is LEO)

The instructor requires a copy of your driver's license once you register.

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Plate carrier
pistol with holster
carbine with a sling
some type of bag, (back pack or sling bag)
lace up boots or hiking shoe
knee pads (strong suggestion)
100 Rounds of pistol (200 rounds if you dont have a carbine)
100 rounds of Carbine (5.56, or 300 blkout)
Helmet is optional
Some equipment will be avilable for use the day of class