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PDS Home Defense Course

Duration: 5 Hours



Date Location Class Size Class Time Instructor Availability
Register Now April 22 Saturday
Twinsburg, OH
1 - 8 Students 9am-2pm Brandon Fisher Space Available
Register Now July 22 Saturday
Twinsburg, OH
1 - 8 Students 9am - 2pm Brandon Fisher Space Available target icon


In todays world the safety of our family is more important than ever. Criminals are becoming more and more bold and protecting ourselves in our own homes is becoming a ever growing concern.
Though people a lot of times things purchasing a firearm for home protection is the end all be all answer “IT IS CERTAINLY NOT”. Knowing how to protect your home on multiple levels with or without a firearm is much more effective than just having a gun in the house.
The PDS Home Defense Course addresses those things on multiple levels. Just like our many other courses our home defense course is very comprehensive to give you the knowledge to help build your skills and develop the attitude necessary to carry out the action needed to keep you and your family safe in the one place we should never have to worry about not being safe. 

Our course will address the in’s and outs of:

  • Defensive Attitude / Mental / Emotional Considerations
    • If You’re Going To Fight, FIGHT
    • Compliance
      • Should You Or Shouldn’t You
  • Defensive Tactics For Inside Your Home
    • Safe Room
    • How To Use It
    • Burner Phone
    • Why?
  • Moving Inside Your Home While Armed
    • Searching The Home
      • Good Idea or Not
  • Home Safety Plan
    • Your Children & Their Role
  • Prevention (Preventive Measures)
    • Lighting
    • Cameras
    • Alarm System
    • Escape Routes
    • Dogs
    • Good Locks
    • Fences / Gates
  • Unlawful Restraint (Why it’s a consideration and what to do.) (Being Tied Up)
    • Never A Time To Comply
  • OC Spray Use Inside Your Home (Good or Bad)
  • Use Of Firearm(s) In Your Home
    • How To ID Your Target & Why It Is Important
      • Bright White Light
      • Positives & Negatives Of Using A Light
    • Shot Placement
      • If You Have To Shoot Where Do You Aim
  • Choice Of Firearms
    • Pistol
    • Rifle
    • Shotgun
  • Firearm Access
  • Staging Firearms
    • Where To Stage Them
    • How To Do It Securely
  • Cover & Concealment
    • What Is Cover?
    • What Is Concealment?
    • How To Use It
  • Transitional Spaces In & Around Your Home
    • Sidewalks
    • Gates
  • Castle Law (Castle Doctrine) (What can you do?)

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