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NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course


Duration: 8 hours



Date Location Class Size Class Time Instructor Availability
Register Now May 6 Saturday
Twinsburg, OH
1 - 6 Students 9am - 5pm Brandon Fisher Space Available target icon


Please contact us for available dates!

This is a perfect course for the brand new shooter looking to learn about handguns and develop their shooting skills by learning the fundamentals. 

The NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course is a great course for brand new shooters to take to learn the basics of pistol shooting and the safety standards. This course will cover the following topics:

• Pistol Types (Single Action Revolver, Double Action Revolver & Semi Auto Pistol)

• Parts Of A Revolver

• Parts Of A Semi Auto Pistol

• Functions Of A Revolver & Semi Auto Pistol

• Rules Of Safe Gun Handling

• Causes Of Firearms Accidents

• About Ammunition

• Loading & Unloading

• Fundamentals Of Pistol Shooting

• Sighting In Your Pistol

• Pistol Maintenance

• And More!

There is now 2 ways to be able to take this course and if fit your busy schedule.

Is the instructor led course which is taught 100% by our certified NRA pistol instructors. This is a minimum of an 8 hour course including the 2 hour range time to meet the minimum qualifications to obtain an Ohio Concealed Handgun License however we do highly recommend taking our combined NRA Basic Pistol / Concealed Carry Course.

If you prefer you can also do the blended program, this course is done in 2 phases the first being online and the second in person and on the range. To take this course you will need a pass code from us to be able to access the online portal. Note you have 90 days to complete the online phase of the course and pass the exam with a 90% or better.

The second phase will review all the material of the first phase and complete with your 2 hour live fire qualification.

If your goal is not to obtain an Ohio concealed handgun license and you just wish to improve your skills this is the course for you. If you are looking to obtain your Ohio CHL we suggest taking the our combined NRA Basic Pistol / Concealed Carry Course.

Live Fire Qualification

This is the NRA Basic Pistol Course Qualification course of fire and it is what is needed to obtain the NRA completion certificate and to pass this course. This course of fire will work your marksmanship skills. To pass this phase you must hit 80% of your shots (4 in each circle) at the following distances. The goal is to hit 5 in each circle)

• Level 1 - 10 feet (minimum passing standard)

• Level 2 - 15 feet

• Level 3 - 20 feet

• Level 4 - 45 feet (must hit 16 / 20 in a 9inch target in a 6 inch group)

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Topics Covered

See course description

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Expectations and Outcomes

To Learn
Firearms Safety
Fundamentals Of Pistol Shooting
Increase Marksmanship Skills

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Basic, NRA Courses

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  • A Handgun Of Your Choice (.22lr, .380acp, 9mm, .38 Special .40S&W or .45acp)
  • Spare magazines if you have them, it will save time on the range
  • 150 rounds of ammunition minimum preferably 200 rounds
  • Notebook or Notepad & Pen for class
  • Snacks / Drinks

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