Texas LTC Shooting Qualification (ONLY)

For those who have already completed their classroom requirements

Duration: 3 hours of Range Training



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This 2-3 hour class meets the requirements for the State of Texas Shooting Proficiency Qualification. If you have already completed your LTC Classroom Learning (ONLINE) and wish to finish your requirements for your License to Carry, this will accomplish that for you.

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Topics Covered

This session is specifically designed to provide the student with a basic understanding of ...

  • Firearms safety (in a live-fire environment)
  • Proper Stance and Grip
  • Sight Alignment and Sight Picture
  • Trigger Control
  • Basic shooting fundamentals
The Texas LTC Shooting Qualificaton is fired using a B27 target (See image below) and consists of:

20 rounds fired from 3 yards
  • 5-rounds, fired as one-shot exercises - 2 seconds per shot
  • 10-round, fired as two-shot exercises - 3 seconds per each 2-shot pairs
  • 5 rounds all fired within 10 seconds
20 rounds fired from 7 yards
  • 5 shots, one round exercise - 3 seconds each
  • 5 shots – 2-shots fired in 4 seconds, 3-shots fired in 6 seconds
  • 5 shots all fired within 15 seconds
  • 5 shots all fired within 10 seconds
10 rounds fired from 15 yards
  • 2 rounds fired within 6 seconds
  • 3 rounds fired within 9 seconds
  • 5 rounds fired within 15 seconds
  • Hits within the ‘X’, 10, 9 and 8 rings = 5 points
  • Hits within the 7 ring = 4 points
  • Hits on the target, but outside the 7 ring = 3 points
~ Maximum Score is 250; minimum passing score is 175 (70%).

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Expectations and Outcomes

Upon successful completion, your instructor will sign the Shooting Proficiency portion of your LTC-101 form and you will be eligible to apply for your Texas License to Carry.

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Documentation Requirements

Please email the following to Brian Holmes at least 3 days prior to range class:

  • State of Texas-Issued Photo Identification (example, TXDL, or TXID)
  • 2 COPIES - PDF of the LTC-101 form provided to you by your ONLINE course provider 
Email address is brian@prpfirearms.com

The instructor requires a copy of your driver's license once you register.

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What to Bring:

  • UNLOADED firearm (Semi-automatic or revolver)  - SEE BELOW
  • 75 rounds of caliber specific ammo (for your gun) - SEE BELOW
  • Two magazines if using a semi-auto handgun
  • Eye and Ear protection (I will have extra if needed)


If you are renting one of my firearms for the training, PLEASE E-MAIL ME ASAP AND LET ME KNOW. If I am providing a firearm for your range training, I will also provide ammunition. We will be shooting a minimum of 60 rounds per person. You may bring extra ammunition as available.

Recommended Clothing for the Range:

  • Closed toe shoes
  • Baseball cap (required)
  • Shirts with button collar, polo style or similar OR T-Shirts
  • NO low-cut shirts or blouses (hot brass can be a challenge)