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Aftermath & Stop the Bleed


Duration: 6 hours classroom



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If you carry a firearm for personal protection on a routine basis, this one-of-a-kind course was designed for you. Developed from the ground up to understand the landscape following the Aftermath of a Deadly Force Encounter along with a Stop the Bleed certification.

Course materials are based on months of research with local and regional Law Enforcement and First Responders to provide straight-forward Action & Communication Plan while learning gunshot wound packing, pressure dressing and tourniquet applications.

Aftermath Presentation topics include:

  • Identify Emergency Contacts
  • Develop an effective Communications Plan
  • Design a family Action Plan
  • Decide on Post Defense Actions
  • Understanding Law Enforcement perceptions
  • Defensive Carry Service options
Stop the Bleed Certification plus:
  • Tourniquet Familiarization and drills
  • Wound Packing and Junction Injury drills
  • Pressure Dressing drills
  • Discuss Chest Seals & Chest Wounds
  • Discuss Interactions with EMS

You'll leave this class with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate an extremely stressful event and learn the skills to possibly save a life as well!

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Topics Covered

Creating a Communication Plan
Post Defensive Shooting Actions
Perception is Reality
Carry Defensive Services
Intro to Care Under Fire vs. Caualty Preparedness
Tourniquet Familiarization & Drills
Wound Packing and Junction Drills
Pressure Dressings
Chest Seal / Chest Wound
Interactions with EMS

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Expectations and Outcomes

At class completion, students will:
- have the tools to create a communications plan with family
- set personal and family member actions
- know what to say and what not to say to first responders
- understand the perceptions of and how to interact with first responders
- have knowledge of legal services available
- be able to apply proper pressure dressings
- know proper wound packing and junction injuries
- be familiar with applying tourniquets
- know when and how to apply chest seals/treat chest wounds

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Intermediate, Other, Seminars / Lectures

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Documentation Requirements


The second half of this class will play graphic videos showing knife and/or gun shot wounds.  Watching them is not required.  Notice has been given.

Snacks & drinks will be made available, but you are responsible for your own lunch.  You're welcomed to bring your own snacks if you prefer.

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Minimum of 8 Students required for class to run

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