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Advanced Handgun


Duration: 6 hours (half classroom, half range)



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This Advanced Pistol course is for the responsible firearm owner who already has a base level of training and competency.

It is a full day course that consist of classroom and range portions.  Expect up to 3 hours in the classroom, followed by a 1-hour lunch break before the course will recommence at the range where we will spend the remainder of the day.

The range portion will consist of multiple drills and instruction designed to push you as a shooter and thinker. Some will require moderate physical activity causing you to work under physical and mental stressors.  This physical activity is by no means extreme or unmanageable.

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Topics Covered

This course will cover concepts such as mindset, movement, speed, and various shooting tactics, to further your knowledge and ability to deal with real world situations.

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Expectations and Outcomes

You will leave with proven skills to:

  • Quick & smooth presentation from holster
  • Engage secondary target location for threats that fail to stop
  • Increase reload profenciency
  • Increase weak-hand profencency
  • Engage multiple threats
  • Enhance Shoot/No Shoot decision making
  • Shooting under pressure
  • Shooting from cover
  • Much more!

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Documentation Requirements


Students are not allowed to have/handle live ammunition in the classroom - there are no exceptions.  It doesn't matter if it's in a locked box, a magazine or your pocket.

You're welcomed to bring your own drink, snacks and lunch if you prefer.

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Download a copy of the waiver here.

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1.  A positive learning attitude
2.  Comfortable outdoor clothing
3.  Closed toe shoes
4.  Water
5.  Eye and ear protection
6.  A handgun in good working order
7.  Enough magazines to carry 45 rounds on their person (two spare mags & one in the pistol)
8.  At least 400 rounds of ammunition