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NC Conceal Carry Handgun

NC Justice Academy approved class covering firearm basics, the Laws Governing Concealed Handgun and the Use of Deadly Force.

Duration: 8 hours (minimum)



Date Location Class Size Class Time Instructor Available Spaces
Register Now November 21 Saturday
High Point, North Carolina
3 - 14 Students 8:00am - 5:00pm Michael Stewart 2 Spaces Left
Register Now December 19 Saturday
High Point, North Carolina
3 - 10 Students 8:00am - 5:00pm TBD 10 Spaces Left
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North Carolina has allowed law-abiding citizens to obtain a permit to carry a handgun concealed anywhere within the state (with exceptions) starting in 1995.  As of 2017, NC ranks 10th in number of permits with over 600,000 permits issued.

Our NC Conceal Carry Class (mandated by 12 NC Administrative Code 09F and approved by the NC Justice Academy) is an information packed, hands-on, interactive class.  We teach you firearm safety habits and show you the purpose of the major components of a handgun.  You will learn where you can/cannot carry, how to carry, how to present (draw), and when you are legally allowed to do so.  At the end of each section, you will handle all equipment for practice, memory retention and demonstrate understanding.

If you want to do more than sit and stare at a PowerPoint for 8-hours, you have found the right spot.  Sign-up today and join the other North Carolinian’s who have decided to take personal responsibility for safety of family and friends.

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Topics Covered

Handgun Safety, fundamentals and basic firearm knowledge
Legalities of carrying a handgun concealed in NC
How to accurately put shots on target and when it's justified

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Expectations and Outcomes

Upon class completion, student will be able to:
- Know how to operate a handgun safely and list at least four rules of gun safety
- Describe safety issues relating to the carry of a handgun
- Explain the difference between a revolver and semi-automatic handgun
- Know the primary components of a handgun and a cartridge
- List methods of safely storing a handgun when there are minors in the home
- How to obtain proper sight alignment and sight picture
- How to field strip, clean and function check a handgun
- Demonstrate all of these procedures during range exercises

Once student successfully demonstrated the above by physical and written tests, they will receive a class completion certificate to use to apply for the NC CCW permit at their local Sheriff's office.

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Documentation Requirements

A copy of your NC issued ID/drivers license is required.  The name on your Class Completion Certificate must match.  If you omit this step, you will not receive the certificate at the end of class.

Check here for a list of current, state-mandated requirements to qualify for a NC CCH permit.

The instructor requires a copy of your driver's license once you register.

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Students are not allowed to have/handle live ammunition in the classroom - there are no exceptions.  It doesn't matter if it's in a locked box, a magazine or your pocket.

If you have a handgun you plan to shoot during range qualification, please bring it into the classroom.  One of the instructors will clear it and stage it with the other handguns we'll have on display - the more variety the better the learning experience.

Pack your lunch, but drinks & snacks will be made available.  You're welcomed to bring your own if you prefer.

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Download a copy of the waiver here.

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