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Jason Sphon

6 Years Instructing

Phone: 740 422 9482

Email: sphonsccw@gmail.com

Background: Civilian, Instructor

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About Sphons CCW LLC

Sphons CCW is a firearms training and accessorie company that specializes in training courses and products for today's conceal carry license holder. Our course offerings start at the beginner level and go through the advanced level. Our mission is to bring the best quality trining and products money can buy  to the average law abiding citizen! Our focus is on the conceal carry market and civilian life is what makes us unique! Our classes cover a wide variety of situations and challenges that people encounter in their day to day lives. No other training company is focused on the growing number of conceal carry license holders, or the challenges we as regular people encounter on a day to day basis!  We are one of  Northeast Ohio's Premier firearms training facilities, with 7 instructors and multiple disciplines available!

Choosing a firearm training class can be STRESSFUL and we know this. That is why we take great strides to give YOU all the information you need to choose the right training class. If you ever have questions that are not answered on our classes page feel free to email us at sphonsccw@gmail.com with your questions and we will get them answered!

We have a training programs tailored to work with the Beginning Student or Experienced Marksman.You can start with a basic firearms class, and move all the way to the Instructor role with Sphons CCW! Attending one of our training classes not only makes you a better shooter, but is a comfortable learning environment! Individual instruction, Years of Experience and Patient instructor will make your firearms training experience second to none!

Courses Taught

CCW, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Rifle, Shotgun, NRA Courses, Active Shooter Response Training, In Home Defense Training, Scenario Based Training, Women's Only Courses, Instructor Training Courses, Seminars / Lectures, Other

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NRA, Pistol, Rifle, Personal Protection In The Home, Personal Protection Outside the home,Defensive Pistol, Chief Range Safety Officer, Eastern Big Game Hunting Insructor, Wild Turkey Hunting Instructor,  

NRA Training Counselor, Pistol Instructor Classes, Rifle Instructor Classes, Range Safety Officer Classes, Personal Protection In the Home Instructor Classes, Personal Protection Outside the Home, Defensive Pistol. 

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellations for Basic classes for Medical Emergency or condition. Instructor Classes are Not Refundable. 

Reschedule Policy

You may reschedule a basic class to any date you choose.  Instructor Classes must be rescheduled to the next available date

Refund Policy

Refunds for basic classes due to medical condition/emergency only.  Instructor Classes are not refundable.







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In Home Defense Training

Scenario Based Training

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