Basic Two-Part Senior CCW

Basic - An in-depth CCW class for those over 50

Duration: 4.5 hours classroom; 2 hours range - separate days



Tara Engel

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THIS CLASS IS TWO PARTS. You MUST attend BOTH parts in order to get certified. Part One is always a Sunday afternoon from 1-5 p.m. Part two will be the next day (Monday) between 4 and 6 p.m. The class is designed to allow us to take more time teaching you the basics of manipulating a handgun safely. The class allows us to provide maximum details on gun handling, gun safety, marksmanship, defensive shooting, and Florida firearms law. This class is geared toward seniors NEW to shooting or seniors who have not used a gun for many years. The class is designed to allow seniors to receive detailed, in-depth instruction on one day, followed by a personalized and structured qualification shooting experience the next day. You are NOT required to have your own gun, but if you already have one, PLEASE bring it, along with ammunition.

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Topics Covered

Handgun safety
Proper grip and stance -- seven fundamentals of marksmanship
The basics of personal defense
Guidance on loading a magazine and racking a slide
Senior-centric topcs relating to personal defense
Florida firearms law relating to concealed carry and deadly force

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Expectations and Outcomes

Student will be comfortable handling and firing a firearm
Student will prove to instructor that he/she is SAFE handling and firing a firearm.
Student will receive the certificate necessary to secure a concealed carry license.  

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Basic, CCW

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Please bring your own firearm if you have it. If not, you can rent a firearm for $8 and purchase ammo at the range. (Please remember, that ammo is expensive and in short supply currently. If you plan to rent a gun, you may want to buy ammo in advance if you can find it. Our default ammo is 9 mm. Don't buy more than 50 rounds if you have never shot 9 mm before.) You MUST attend both days in order to get qualified (or, if you cannot attend the second day, set up a private qualification with the instructor.)