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Basic - A 2-classes-in-1 Comprehensive Personal Defense Course

Duration: 5 hours



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Developed and taught BY women FOR women!! Whether you are new to firearms or have some experience and are ready to take the next step, this stress-free progressive class will help you to develop both your firearm skills and a defensive mindset.

This combined level 1 and 2 class acts as a building block to progress to the Level III Women’s Advanced class. Because this class combines Basic and Intermediate, you save $45 on the cost of the class. 

Shooting basics and fundamentals will be introduced and reviewed, universal firearm safety rules covered. Other topics will include situational awareness, common types of handguns, choosing the right gun for you, ammunition types, marksmanship skills, holsters, survivor mindset, loading/unloading, loading on the move, hands-on classroom exercises, a drill-oriented live fire session and useful resources.

This class is the first of two USCCA WOMEN ONLY classes that will be taught regularly at The American Police Hall of Fame. With two distinct modules (Women's Basic and Intermediate Handgun, and Women's Advanced (Defensive) Handgun), this course is designed to reach students who are brand new to firearms and those who are ready to learn more about defensive shooting. Basics and progressive fundamentals will be introduced, reviewed, and then built upon, while also exploring situational awareness, common types of handguns, ammunition types, malfunctions, firearms handling skills, defensive pistol fundamentals, and the use of deadly force. Whether you’ve never touched a firearm, you’re looking for the next steps in your training, or you’ve chosen to learn about the skills, tools, and mindset needed to use firearms for self-defense, you can be prepared to carry confidently every day with tips and techniques from experienced women in the world of firearms.

This class also provides more details on holsters, gun safes and how to keep your gun secure, whether its on you or tucked away. This live fire session introduces single-handed shooting, basic moving and shooting, clearing malfunctions and rapid reloading. The class is designed to build you confidence and give you the tools to truly push beyond your comfort zone.



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Topics Covered


What’s Your Why?

Understanding Firearms

A Few Introductions

Clearing Semi-Automatics

Universal Safety Rules

Every Gun has A Safety

Learning the “Right” Way

Shooting Fundamentals



Sight Alignment

Sight Picture

Trigger Control

Breath Control

Follow Through

Putting It Into Practice

The Difference Between Square Range and Defensive Shooting

Working On stance and Grip

Using Good Trigger Manipulation

Racking the slide

Loading A Magazine

Shooting Live – Fire

Revolvers Versus Semi-Automatics

Universal safety Rules Review

Form & Function

Advantages and Disadvantages

Size and Weight Comparisons

Choosing The Right Gun

Bullets and Ballistics

Cycles of Operation

Common Malfunctions

Holsters And Conceal Carry

Inside the Hip or Waist

Concealed Carry Bag

Outside the Waistband

Bra or Underarm

Leg (Thigh or Ankle)

Just the Facts, Ma’am

Establishing Boundaries

White: Unaware

Yellow: Relaxed State of Awareness

Orange: Heightened Awareness

Red: Action

Survivor Mindset

Shooting Fundamentals Review

Putting it into Practice

Loading and Unloading


Multiple Shots

Multiple Targets

One-Handed Shooting

Clearing Malfunctions



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Expectations and Outcomes

You will be more at ease with the concept of shooting; you will understand the safety elements better; you will begin to develop relationships within the women's shooting community; you will learn the value of having a "home range" and helpful instructors as well as a variety of resources. You will also be more at ease with the concept of defensive shooting; you will understand the importance of situational awareness; you will begin to develop relationships within the women's shooting community; you will understand the need for on-going training in order to maintain tactical proficiency.

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Basic, Intermediate, USCCA Courses, Women's Only Courses

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Documentation Requirements

Please bring a current driver's license to the class.

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Please dress in comfortable clothing -- no shorts or flip-flops. Loose pants, closed-toe shoes with rubber soles, no deepV-neck shirts. If you already have a gun, please bring it. If you need to rent one you can do so (at an additional cost of $10). It is preferred you have your own gun (or a gun you have borrowed), as well as a holster or some type of carry device.  Please bring eye and ear protection; or, you can rent it for $1 each. You must bring 100 rounds of ammo (recommend that you buy in advance, as ammo can be hard to get due to the shortage). If you are renting a gun, please buy 9mm ammo.