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Range Only CCW

Basic - More shooting time than your average CCW class

Duration: 2 hours of range time plus simulator exercises



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This class is geared toward individuals who have shot before but are not completely at ease with training and range shooting. In addition to covering Florida concealed carry laws, students will use up to 50+ rounds of ammo, as they practice grip and stance, are slowly and safely introduced to moving & shooting, are taught the differences between marksmanship and defensive shooting, and have the opportunity to work on areas of deficiency or confusion. Simulator time will give them the chance to test their reaction time and accuracy.

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Topics Covered

Basic handgun safety and use, with emphasis on both marksmanship and defensive shooting. Concealed carry laws in the state of Florida.

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Expectations and Outcomes

Student will receive certificate for Concealed Carry Application pursuant to Florida law.
Student will be much more comfortable with range ettiquette, shooting around others, the basics of grip, stance, sight picture, etc. and the limitations of his/her firearm and equipment. This class will prepare students for subsequent courses under the National Association of Chiefs of Police's civilian STEP program.  

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Basic, CCW

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Documentation Requirements

Driver's license

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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It is preferred that a student has his/her own firearm, although we will rent one to you if needed (included in class cost.) Bring 100 rounds of ammo. Ammo can be purchased at The Shooting Center prior to the day of the class. Bring "eyes" and "ears." Instructor MUCH prefers if you have electronic ear muffs so that you can hear instructions while the sound of gunshots will be muffled. Please wear closed-toe (and, if possible rubber-soled) shoes and loose, comfortable clothing. Ladies, short sleeves and V-necks are "okay" -- but hot brass burns on your chestal area!