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Combined High Threat Security Operations Course

Intermediate - Close Protection, Security Driving, Counter Terrorism, Surveillance Detection and Security Risk Management

Duration: 10 Days, plus some night training



Stephen Mastalerz

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The course offers all the security and protection related training classes at one time. 10 days advanced training which is internationally recognized within the global community. In depth classes with more emphasis on high threat executive/ close protection designed for operating in hostile environments. A well rounded cost effective way to upgarde your skill set or get into the security industry.

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Topics Covered

Advanced High Threat Close / Executive Protection (PSD) Hostile Environments

  • Basic & advanced executive/ close protection (roles & responsibilities)
  • Advanced executive/ close protection foot techniques & vehicle formations
  • Close protection & security operational planning
  • Site surveys, security advances & route reconnaissance
  • Close quarters combat (CQC) & defensive shooting skills
  • Interpersonal skills & conflict management (realistic incidents)
  • Advanced counter actions (team formations & vehicle movements)
  • Advanced weapons training (pistols, carbines, rifles & shotguns)
  • Protective services/ security detail attack on client & evacuation live fire situations
  • Security convoy, single & multiple ambush live fire situations
  • Weapons familiarization (pistols, rifles & shotguns)
  • Anti-Kidnap techniques & security awareness for hostile environments
  • Force on force (SIMUNITION®) realistic high risk security scenarios
  • Protective surveillance (protective security operations)

Advanced Counter Terrorism & Hostage Rescue

  • Personal security & risk awareness
  • Kidnap situations (avoidance & confrontations)
  • Kidnapping methods (opportunist & planned attacks)
  • Movement shooting techniques, single & multiple threats
  • Advanced stoppages & malfunctions, solutions under stress
  • Advanced close quarters combat (CQC) (advanced problem solving)
  • Advanced defensive shooting tactics & techniques
  • Tactical movement shooting techniques, intermediate & advanced
  • Surveillance & close target reconnaissance (CTR)
  • Searching techniques & multiple target control/ retention
  • Advanced CQC small teams (room & building clearing using frangible ammunition)
  • Advanced room & building clearing, small teams & multi teams (pistol, rifle & shotgun)
  • Using weapons around & inside vehicles (close quarters)
  • Advanced vehicle anti-ambush live fire techniques (individual & small teams)
  • Pistol & rifle transition techniques (shooting range & building/ rooms)
  • Foreign & specialist unique weapons systems familiarization
  • Familiarization with fully automatic & suppressed rifles/ carbines
  • Force on force situations FX (basic to advanced complex & realistic scenarios)
Security Driving & Vehicle Anti-Ambush

  • Driving Basics
  • Security Driving
  • Vehicle Formations
  • Security Driving Anti Ambush Techniques (Low Risk)
  • Security Driving Anti Ambush Techniques (High Risk)
  • Live Fire Vehicle Drills
Advanced Surveillance & Intelligence Operations

  • Surveillance observation & awareness
  • Surveillance definitions & objectives
  • Surveillance techniques (static, mobile foot & mobile vehicles)
  • Threat assessments, threat analysis & target identification process
  • Intelligence gathering & surveillance detection
  • Terrorist & hostile surveillance techniques
  • Surveillance operations planning & management
  • Counter surveillance & intelligence techniques
  • Personal security & kidnap awareness
  • Weapons involved with covert surveillance & intelligence operations
  • Different techniques for carrying & deploying firearms
  • Live fire weapons (on foot covert techniques)
  • Live fire weapons training (in & from vehicles)

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Expectations and Outcomes

The training is internationally recognized with the given certification. The option is available for the NRA certifications to be dome at the same time, for a cost effective additional fee.

Training Certifications

  • Trojan Securities International & Trojan International Defense Group
  • NRA certification available (additional fee for NRA training & certification)

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Advanced, Intermediate, Instructor Training Courses, LEO / MIL / SEC Courses, Scenario Based Training (Simunitions, Man Marking Cartridge), Security Training & Certification

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Documentation Requirements

We will require one official form of Government identification and a training application filled out.

The instructor requires a copy of your driver's license once you register.

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For this course we provide everything required for training, except for Groin Protection for the force on force training. You are welcome to bring along your own training gear and weapons. We have secure firearms and ammunition storage facilities onsite.

  • Firearms including, pistols, rifles, shotguns and any other
  • Foreign weapons
  • All ammunition various calibers
  • Simuntions for force on force
  • Protective safety equipment
  • Training vehicles