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04. Concealed Carry Options

Basic - How, where, and where not to carry concealed

Duration: 3 hours



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You want to carry concealed and find a dizzying array of holster and configuration choices. After you narrow it down between on-body vs. off-body and torso vs. waist vs. ankle there are still many factors to consider such as driving, weather, clothing, material, position, features, convenience, and most importantly the double-F – fit and feel.

This Instructor-led course takes place in a traditional classroom environment and will be completed in a 3-hour format.

Additionally, students will participate in various exercises involving drawing from concealment and simulating a round on target as a timed exercises for purposes of comparing and discussing various concealment options.

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Topics Covered

  • why do people carry concealed?
  • what to wear and does size matter?
  • choices, choices – on-body or off-body? torso, waist, or ankle? chambered or not?
  • holster types, materials, and features
  • the double-F – fit and feel
  • where can, and more importantly, where can you not carry concealed in Florida?
  • considerations for the car
  • extra ammunition and other items to consider carrying
  • type of ammunition and how best to maintain your carry gear
  • traveling across state lines
  • the five levels of preparedness and how to choose based on your situation

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Expectations and Outcomes

Upon completion of this course students should be comfortable evaluating their personal concealed carry options and choosing from the wide variety of options available.

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Basic, CCW

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Documentation Requirements

  • Driver’s License or proof of U.S. Citizenship or birth certificate or Permanent Resident Alien card

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  • Your pistol and any holsters you already have – but no live ammunition!
  • Notebook and pen
  • Water and snacks

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