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NC DOJ CCH/SC SLED CWP/Advanced Defense

Advanced - An opportunity to hone your defensive shooting skills

Duration: 5 hours



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This is the advanced defense shooting class.  The after the certification if you will.  We will be spending a lot of time on the range shooting doing shooting drills in a defensive manner. Moving, looking for cover.  This course is limited so that you all get the one on one training to move to the next level.  This is a range class, so expect to be on the range most of the time.  Dress Appropriately..... the range is Outside. 

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Topics Covered

We will be doing a lot of dry fire, and live fire drills to better prepare you if the need arises.  We hope to never be placed in that environment but truth is we just don't know.  The initial Concealed Carry classes, teach you safety and laws with some qualification, unless you have been shooting awhile that class teaches you the fundamentals against a paper target.

This class will take it up a notch, you will be moving, looking for cover, learning to shoot from cover, learning how to properly draw from your method of carry, starting to build upon your muscle memory skills.  

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Expectations and Outcomes

The expectation is that you build your skillset and become more comfortable carrying concealed.  This is very similiar to the NRA Personal Protection in the Home class, just not NRA Sanctioned. 

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Advanced, CCW

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Documentation Requirements

You will need proof of taking the Conclealed Carry- (Card or Certificate or be previous client we have trained) and your Drivers License for class.

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Bring - Firearm 9mm or less and 100 rounds of ammo(Preferrably your Concealed Carry Firearm), Ear and Eye Protection. Whichever way you carry your concealed firearm you will also need to bring.  ie Holster, Pocket Book, Ankle Holster, Belly Band.  We will be shooting from the holster, or your prefered carry method.