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Pistol Qualification

Duration: 30mins



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This is Qualification for all retired LE , security officers and CCW holders who must renew their carry permit credentials with a letter of 80% or higher to submit renewal application.  

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Topics Covered

HQC1 and HQC2. Standardized courses of fire for semi annual handgun qualification for service.  

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Expectations and Outcomes

The qualifier will receive proper documention for renewal of permit. 

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CCW, Security Training & Certification, Specialty Other

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To renew private security officers one must have a level 3 holster. retired and ccw only qualifiers must have a holster level 1 or higher if wish to use a higher level. please no fannie packs or conceal clothing that has pockets for pistol types. 50rds of ammo for each pistol that will be used. This is by appointment only.