ABC Shooting Class

Basic - Firearms Safety

Duration: 2 hours



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People will take a firearms class for a variety of reasons: 


  •  They have never owned a firearm
  •  It has been a long time since they have fired a firearm 
  •  Perhaps they have been a victim


Basically, they want to learn or review the fundamentals of handling a firearm with confidence.   This is especially true for Seniors.   

In a one on one instructional setting you will learn:


  • correct techniques gaining the knowledge and skills essential for handling a firearm safely
  • learn the 3 basic fundamentals of shooting a handgun - ANY handgun   
  • It does not matter what your experience level is - you will become more confident and more familiar with each shot in this QUICKLY CHANGING WORLD

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Topics Covered

Hand Gun Safety
Proper Grip
Proper Stance
Sight Alignment
Trigger Control

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Expectations and Outcomes

Increased Self Confidence
Complete Satisfaction or Money Returned

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Basic, Intermediate, Concealed Carry Training

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Items to bring or available to rent/purchase at the range:

Personal firearm 
100 rounds of ammunition minimum 
Eye and Ear Protection