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Basic - Want a gun? Have a gun? What’s next?

Duration: 2 hours classroom, 1 hour range time



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Women need a safe and stress-free environment to learn, and practice firearm & personal safety training.   

All of Alamo City Self Defense LLC courses can be a Women Only Session.   Alamo City Self Defense LLC is here to:
* Increase the number of confident, responsible women firearm owners
* Provide an open, relaxed, and comfortable learning experience
* Not compete with women's organizations, instead work with & support them
* Prepare you to be safe & confident while handling any firearm
* Guide women in firearms safety and basic instruction
* Teach women about their second amendment rights and safe ownership
* Train women in all areas of personal defense
* Introduce and teach women how to clean and maintain their firearms

Statistically, women face a greater chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime. Education and training are the best ways to alleviate fear and boost confidence. Many of our students have never held or even fired a gun. Women are unique, built different, think different and simply benefit from training designed specifically for just women. There is more to it than just standing in place & shooting at a paper target. Paper targets don’t move and will NOT shoot back.
Learn how to protect yourself and loved ones with real life scenarios and practice. Know what to do if your gun malfunctions, besides raising your hand and asking for help.
? What kind of training are you interested in?
? What new skills would you like to develop? Alamo City Self Defense LLC feels so passionate about this topic that our program was created by a female and we have a female instructor in all our women’s only classes. 

**Firearm rental is available $25 (ammo NOT included)
***Serpa holsters or similar holsters that use the trigger finger to deactivate a retention device are NOT allowed***

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Topics Covered

In this introduction module, Beth Alcazar introduces students to the basics of handgun safety, including how to safely clear (unload) a semi-automatic pistol. Alcazar goes on to explain and demonstrate the seven basic fundamentals for safe and accurate shooting. 

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Expectations and Outcomes

License to Carry requirements/testing are NOT a PART of this Course.

The lesson is rounded out by taking those basics, and putting them into practice both in the classroom and on the shooting range. This lesson will act as a building block as the student progresses to BASIC WOMEN'S HANDGUN & SELF DEFENSE FUNDAMENTALS.

The fundamentals of shooting will be introduced, reviewed, and built upon, while also exploring universal safety rules, situational awareness, common types of handguns, and ammunition types

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Documentation Requirements

Must bring government issued identification

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Beginner level, no prior requirements

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