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Real Estate Agents Safety & Self Defense Class


Duration: 3 Hours



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Register Now August 20 Tuesday
Hendersonville, NC
10 - 30 Students 9:00 AM-12:00 PM Jon Plyler Space Available target icon


The unique working environment of real estate agents places them at high risk of being involved in a violent assault. This class is designed to help agents enhance their situational awareness & threat recognition, enhance their defensive mindset and employ specific safety techniques & defensive strategies to help avoid a potentially violent encounter. We will also introduce basic unarmed self defense techniques, and will discuss the use of firearms & other weapons & use of force law.

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Topics Covered

Situational Awareness
Threat Recognition
Defensive Strategies & Mindset
Safety Techniques
Use of Firearms & Other Use of Force Options
Unarmed Self Defense Techniques
Use of Force Laws

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Expectations and Outcomes

After attending this course, real estate professionals will develop a higher level of situational awareness & confidence in their ability to prevent & avoid a potentially violent encounter.  They will learn basic unarmed self defense techniques and strategies, and learn about the laws regarding the use of force. They will also be made aware of resources for continuing their training in both armed & unarmed self defense options.

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Basic, Church / Business - Safety / Security, Legal Aspects for Use of Force / Avoidance, Seminars / Lectures, Specialty Other, USCCA Courses

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What to Bring:

Comfortable Clothes You Can Move In