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Tactical Medicine 1 / TCCC

Learn to quickly treat victims of accidents/gunshots, or active shooters in a pre-hospital setting

Duration: 6 hours of classroom with 2 hours of practicals



Ryan Coe

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This class is for all civilians, LEOs etc. Tactical Medicine is one of the most vital skills a gun owner or first responder can learn. These courses can save lives, and one should always be prepared to plug holes if they are prepared to make holes. We also feel it is the duty of civilians and responders to train to save lives whether it be a gunshot wound, terror attack, or a simple car wreck or chainsaw accident. We take extra steps and care to ensure the student has a full understanding of the medical equipment and knowledge needed to enter any dangerous or traumatic situation confidently. 

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Topics Covered

Victim wounding patterns
Active Shooter Medical Response
Massive bleeding and arterial wounds
Scene safety i.e. when to shoot and when to treat
Airway and respiratory management 
Chest Injuries
How to interact with emergency responders
Hypothermia and Head Injuries
IEDs/Burn Victims
Triage and Extraction
Full scale exercises

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Active Shooter Response Training, LEO / MIL / SEC Courses, Seminars / Lectures, Specialty Other, Tactical Casualty Care (TCCC / TECC)

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Outdoor clothes